Our Company History

Achieve: to attain a desired end or aim

Global: embracing all consideration or comprehensive

In 1997 Zenger Miller, Learning International & Kaset International merged to form AchieveGlobal.

Zenger Miller had a reputation for it's ground breaking work in improving the effectiveness of leaders through the "Leadership and Teaming Suite".

Learning International's experience in the selling skills area continues to be the basis of our Sales Performance Suite. Many leaders and managers from the past three decades are familiar with PSS or Professional Selling Skills. Often companies are unaware that this program continues to be delivered through AchieveGlobal New Zealand.

Kaset International always had a focus on customer loyalty. This focus now serves as the foundation for our Customer Service Suite, now known as Stellar Service.

With the combined experience of the world's three most reputed corporate training organisations, AchieveGlobal is proud to have over 80 years experience in sales, service, and leadership solutions.

Today AchieveGlobal is the largest full service training/consulting firm in the US and is in 70 countries. Our materials have been translated and delivered in over 40 languages.

Over 400 of the fortune 500 companies have worked together with AchieveGlobal to improve results through their people.

In 2000, AchieveGlobal became part of the Institute of International Research (IIR). IIR is independently and privately owned with a network of over 100 offices in 29 countries. It is the largest conferencing and exhibition company in the world. AchieveGlobal is the fastest growing arm of IIR. In July 2005 IIR was acquired by Informa. For more information please see www.informa.com

Industry Leader in Research.

Our industry recognised research has served as the basis for several published books and white papers: Please visit our resource section for a selection of free whitepapers.

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