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The world has experienced profound changes in the early years of the 21st-century. Countless challenges— notably the rise and fall of the global economy and its impact on countries everywhere—have forced leaders worldwide into uncharted territory and literally redefined what it takes to succeed. In considering the impact of these new challenges on the leadership development arena and in the context of AchieveGlobal’s earlier research on leadership development principles, we have explored key questions to be addressed by comprehensive new research on leadership today:

• What challenges confront leaders in the 21st-century?
• How has leadership changed to keep pace?
• What key practices are still important for leadership development?
• What new leadership development practices have emerged in response to the shifting business landscape?

To answer these and other questions, a new worldwide study sought to uncover what makes leaders successful by examining their main challenges and daily practices against the backdrop of a dynamic business climate. 

As a result, AchieveGlobal has continued to evolve our award winning leadership development and training courses to ensure that they are relevant and appropriate for today's leaders and managers.

Our leadership development programmes are utilised by many of New Zealand's leading companies - essentially we teach you how to differentiate yourself and develop great leaders by understanding what the best in the world are doing today! To find out about some of the solutions we offer please see below.


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