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AchieveGlobal's award winning management courses are developed from on-going global (and New Zealand based) research into best-practice approaches, skills and processes. Within New Zealand, many of the country's leading companies are partnering AchieveGlobal to develop their managers and leaders. Our approach is about working with your teams to teach them how to differentiate themselves and motivate their teams to perform by understanding what the best in the world are doing. To find out about some of the solutions we offer please see below. Please note that all of our management courses come with comprehensive reinforcement and coaching tools to enable on-going development and growth of the initial workshop concepts.

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Activating Change - Managers Version

This management course calls out and underlines the most critical practices for leading change today, and is broken down into three units:


Unit 1: Activate Capability
The practices learned in this unit create an environment that encourages individual change capability to grow.
Unit 2: Communicate for Results Participants
Learn critical change communication practices that catalyze commitment and results-oriented action.
Unit 3: Monitor Mechanics and Mood Participants
Learn practices to stay in touch with implementation challenges, as well as strategies for responding to resistance.

Length: 1 1/2-day workshop
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Leading Innovation From Concept to Customer Value™

Unlike many programs that concentrate exclusively on creativity and/or the 'fuzzy front end', this management course develops skills and competencies around building a culture of innovation as well as the capability to manage and facilitate a process that will bring results to a new level. This process not only helps managers understand their role as innovative leaders, it also helps create a common language and serves as a critical focal point for appropriately prioritising and deploying the effort and energy of all involved.

Units include:

  • Unit 1 - The Heart of Innovation
  • Unit 2 - Your Role in Innovation
  • Unit 3 - Optimising Diversity
  • Unit 4 - Sparking New Thinking
  • Unit 5 - Shaping and Selecting Ideas
  • Unit 6 - Executing Innovation

Length: 1-day workshop

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Coaching Others For Top Performance™

This management course provides participants with leadership skills that help build constructive relationships that gain a stronger commitment to improving performance and achieving results that make a difference for the organisation.

Length: 2-day workshop or available as the individual modules described below


Module 1: The Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership™: Manager's Version
Achieve results for your organisation by developing the qualities of genuine leadership and applying the principles and qualities of genuine leadership to your role.

Module 2: Providing Constructive Feedback™
Learn skills to give constructive feedback in a way that builds openness and mutual respect, and promotes problem solving and learning.

Module 3: Developing Others™
Discover skills for developing others, helping them expand their capabilities so they will have the confidence to take on new challenges and work more independently.

Module 4: Giving Recognition™
Learn skills for recognising and reinforcing the behaviors that support others and lead to the right results.

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Managing The Performance of Others™

As the manager, supervisor or leader of a work group or team, performance leaders help others do the work that ultimately makes an organisation successful. They must ensure employee performance aligns with the direction and strategy of the organisation. The skills taught in this management course help participants prepare for and conduct different types of performance-related discussions.

Length: 2-day workshop or available as the individual modules described below


Module 1: Planning for Performance Discussions™
Prepare for performance-related discussions that increase productivity, collaboration, and the achievement of critical goals.

Module 2: Clarifying Performance Expectations™
Learn to discuss performance expectations with others in a way that increases their sense of ownership and gains their commitment.

Module 3: Correcting Performance Problems™
Realise skills for addressing recurring or serious performance problems, getting an individual's performance back on track, and building motivation for improvement.

Module 4: Conducting Performance Reviews™
Build skills and receive tools to conduct a performance review that focuses on major responsibilities, opportunities for improvement, and developmental needs.

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Accelerating Team Productivity™

Today's teams are expected to produce more than ever before, faster than ever before. As a result, this management course is designed to help leaders focus teams on key results and outputs, and build energy and momentum toward achieving goals.

Length: 2-day workshop or available as the individual modules described below


Module 1: Building Team Pride and Purpose™
Discover the principles and skills that instill high degrees of pride and purpose in teams today. Explore today's workplace challenges and the need for accelerating performance through teamwork.

Module 2: Developing Team Agility: Day-to-Day Tools™
Focus in on strategies team leaders can use and actions they can take to build high levels of team agility: quickness, flexibility, and adaptability.

Module 3: Resolving Conflicts Within Your Team™
Learn the best ways to handle tricky situations that often develop among and between team members, including how to intervene directly or to support team members in addressing these situations on their own.

Module 4: Negotiating Resources for Your Team™
Build the negotiating skills needed to secure resources for teams. Learn to negotiate solutions that work for all parties involved.

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Maximising Your Supervisory Potential™

As a result of the business environment in which they operate, new — and even tenured — supervisors frequently find themselves performing an awkward and uncomfortable organisational balancing act. This workshop helps leaders strive to balance between multiple elements of their job responsibilities.

Length: 1-day workshop or available as the individual modules described below

Module 1: The Hallmarks of Supervisory Success™
Explore in detail three critical Hallmarks — personal credibility, work group commitment, and management support — so that you are cognitively prepared to make the transition into management.

Module 2: Delegating for Shared Success™
Learn the equation that adds up to delegation success: thorough planning, clear communication, and effective follow-through, which together result in successful delegation of work.

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Leading Meetings - Facilitating For Results

Develop skills to conduct productive, results oriented meetings, no matter how complex the issue or diverse the group.

Length: 8 or 12 hours, depending on optional activities.

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Problem-Solving Results: Solutions, Improvements, and Innovations™

This workshop provides participants with the skills and strategies required to find appropriate problem solutions and the energy to implement them.

Length: 2-day workshop, consisting of 4 units below


Unit 1: Connecting People and Process
Get acquainted with a dynamic seven-step process for defining and analyzing problems, finding solutions, and implementing them.
Unit 2: Exploring Gaps, Causes, and Solutions
Explore a number of tools that can enhance success while using the problem-solving approach. Use a separate toolkit to work with and explore several specific methods.
Unit 3: Deciding on a Solution
Learn how to define decision-making procedures and use objective criteria to evaluate choices and arrive at a solution.
Unit 4: Making It Happen
Discover specific strategies to aid in action planning and follow-through, as well as approaches that build and sustain momentum for those involved.

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Workload Management

Identifying Work Priorities and Setting Verifiable Goals (Leadership for Results®)

Help employees prioritize work and establish a system for the verification of goal achievement.

Length: 4 hours

Managing Your Priorities (Leadership for Results®)

Manage competing priorities and maintain high levels of personal productivity.

Length: 4 hours

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