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AchieveGlobal's award winning Team Building course - Accelerating Team Productivity is developed from on-going global (and local) research into best-practice approaches, skills and processes. Our team building courses are utilised by many of New Zealand's leading organisations - essentially we teach you how to differentiate yourself and develop great management skills by understanding what the best in the world are doing! To find out about our team building training solution please see below.

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Accelerating Team Productivity™

Today's teams are expected to produce more than ever before, faster than ever before. As a result, this management course is designed to help managers focus teams on key results and outputs, and build energy and momentum toward achieving goals.

Length: 2-day workshop or available as the individual modules described below


Module 1: Building Team Pride and Purpose™

Discover the principles and skills that instill high degrees of pride and purpose in teams today. Explore today's workplace challenges and the need for accelerating performance through teamwork.
Length: 4 hours


Module 2: Developing Team Agility: Day-to-Day Tools™

Focus in on strategies team leaders can use and actions they can take to build high levels of team agility: quickness, flexibility, and adaptability.
Length: 4 hours


Module 3: Resolving Conflicts Within Your Team™

Learn the best ways to handle tricky situations that often develop among and between team members, including how to intervene directly or to support team members in addressing these situations on their own.
Length: 4 hours


Module 4: Negotiating Resources for Your Team™

Build the negotiating skills needed to secure resources for teams. Learn to negotiate solutions that work for all parties involved.
Length: 4 hours

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