Maximizing Performance

Training Solution


As many organisations have discovered over the past decade, training alone simply cannot influence enough of the variables in the change equation to be held solely accountable for the desired impact on business measures.

You need a coordinated approach to behaviour change. It must engage your entire organisation in the redesign and alignment of performance drivers, measurement systems and other elements. To achieve lasting business results, your organisation needs:

A common understanding of, and commitment to, your organisation’s strategy, direction and quest for results.skills and knowledge acquired through training delivered by efficient, effective facilitators who understand your business goals.Reinforcements that translate and apply skills learned in training to the job.Manager commitment to, and encouragement and reinforcement of, skill acquisition and application.

A vision that allows you to see where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be- and make appropriate connections and corrections along the way.
AchieveGlobal’s Maximum Impact training programs and consulting services help ensure your organisation is connected to a clear strategic vision, motivated to perform and prepared to achieve.

Measurement & Assesment

Competency AssessmentsDetermine current competency levels in leadership, customer service and sales performance, and identify skills required to support organisational goals

Organisational Diagnostic: How effective is your organisational change?Establish a baseline at the beginning of a change initiative, expand or focus the initiative during the planning stage, or remove roadblocks when an initiative appears to be “stuck”.

Organisational Needs AssessmentIdentify the research, consulting, training and automated tools required to implement your business strategy and achieve your goals.

Training Assessment Levels 1-4Evaluate the outcomes and behavioural change resulting from your training implementations

Training Impact and Reinforcement

Making Training Pay Off

Learn what you can do before, during, and after training to help your employees master and apply their new skills

Maximising Training Results

Align the organisation to implement training in such a way that optimum benefit is realised.

Training Development


Gain content knowledge, review curriculum design and learn delivery techniques in order to become certified to deliver AchieveGlobal’s programs

Tools for Trainer Excellence

Understand the trainer’s role in helping adults learn and how to create a stimulating, motivating, classroom environment

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