Our Learning Formula

Our Learning Formula

Through extensive research and feedback from customers, AchieveGlobal’s performance improvement products have been developed around five phases of learning: Commit, Assess, Acquire, Develop, and Apply. Titled the AchieveGlobal Learning Formula, it guides the learner through a cycle of learner-centric activities that result in sustained behaviour change. Research has indicated that in order for individuals to achieve and sustain change, all phases of the learning formula must be included in the learning experience.

Commit to learn

The learner must be motivated to learn and to change his or her behaviour. During the central training experience, learning activities and media illustrate how new skills, knowledge and attitudes help learners address job-related goals. Up front conversations with managers help learners commit as well. This phase succeeds when learners open themselves to new possibilities and resolve to master and apply essential interpersonal skills.

Assess current performance

A carefully crafted survey helps learners measure current levels of knowledge and application of a key interpersonal skill. Recognising their own performance gaps further motivates learners and helps them focus their efforts in areas for improvement. After the training, ongoing evaluation measures recollection of training content and skill use in the workplace. AchieveGlobal is able to provide assessment and measurement services in many different areas.

Acquire knowledge

In this phase, learners encounter the cognitive details of a distinct interpersonal skill through presentation, reading, discussion, observation, and analysis of realistic examples, simulations and other activities. Typical content includes environmental cues that prompt skill use, a sequence of behavioural steps, explanation of relevant terms, examples of skills use and absence of use, and tips, tactics and pitfalls for each behavioural step.

Develop competence through practice

The training of interpersonal skills requires rehearsing with humans - the intended audience for the new skills - in order to achieve competency. This real time practice with another human being, whether face-to-face, voice-to-voice, or online, is essential to soft-skill mastery. AchieveGlobal provides follow-up skills practices and application kits to execute needed activities in this phase of the formula.

Apply new learning

Integrating new skills into job interactions requires commitment. A range of activities - discussions, testimonials, printable online planners, and others - give learners the clarity and resolve to apply their knowledge and skills. Managers of trainees can also reinforce and sustain skill application through coaching, recognition of skill use and modeling the skills.

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