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Julie Mitchell’s corporate sales and leadership experience is valued highly by clients. She has exceptional experience in consulting and facilitating Leadership, Customer Experience, Sales Leadership and Corporate Sales programmes. She brings substantial understanding and empathy to stakeholders and participants who are facing change and challenges. She helps them rediscover clarity and purpose. More importantly, she provides tools to transform their approach. Her approach is to weave strategic messages about clients’ supporting infrastructure (e.g. sales processes, values, performance management systems) into the training, allowing participants to grasp these concepts better.

Julie started her sales career at American Express selling corporate card and financial reporting solutions to top 500 companies in Melbourne. She moved to Colonial Mutual as an Agency Sales Manager, managing a sales office of insurance agents and financial planners. In 1992, she joined AchieveGlobal, now Miller Heiman Group and AchieveForum,  selling Leadership, Sales and Service improvement strategies to pre-eminent companies. Successively, she was promoted

to Regional Manager.

Since 2002, Julie took on the role of Consultant Facilitator at AchieveGlobal, and works with a range of direct clients. In the last 16 years, she has facilitated across a vast array of industries covering Insurance, Financial Planning, Finance, Banking, Oil and Gas, Construction, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, IT, etc.

Julie holds an MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Business from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Deakin University. She is also the Managing Consultant at Mitchell Training and Development.

Contact:  Julie Mitchell

julmitch@bigpond.net.au +61 419 393 045

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